Suddenly my hives are under Small Hive Beetle attack. I am deploying everything I know and have at my disposal, chemical-free. I took my screened bottom board inserts, coated the inserts heavily with Crisco and dolloped SHB bait I'd made (cider vinegar, sugar, rotten banana peel) on top. The next day there were lots of beetle larvae on the boards. Only one beetle had been trapped there. The larvae were tiny and medium sized, but mostly tiny.

Is it plausible that the shortening attracted the larvae out of the hives and down to the bottom board inserts? Will the Crisco trap the larvae, or was I just feeding them a wonderful shortening diet, and they could crawl back up into the hive when they wanted?

I ended up putting diatemaceous earth on top the next day. It killed all the larvae ... well, everything on the boards. No more larvae have dropped since, but Varroa mites were killed and two adult beetles. So is topping with the DE preventing success at attracting larvae and beetles out of the hives and onto the screened bottom board inserts? I've sprayed with oil before and never seen larvae on the inserts. I'm now deploying a bunch of Crisco sealed corex traps that'll have diatemaceous earth inside the hives instead of boric acid (no chemicals allowed in my hives), so we'll see how those work, too.