I got a swarm yesterday at about 7am. They had been there for about 16 hours and I was happy that they did not leave before I got there. I sprayed them with suger water (1:1) so they would clump and fall directly into the nuc box I had. I had 4.5 frames of drawn comb (one frame had one side scraped). When I got home at 4 I traded the half scraped frame for one with half honey but still half scraped. Today I went and bought a box w/ 10 frames and two migratory lids (they did not have migratory bottems). I placed the five frames with the swarm on them with five of the ten frame of foundation.

Second First Hive1.jpg Before

Second First Hive.jpg After

I have frames of honey but did not know if I should give the new hive any (there is pollen coming in).

Does anyone have any advice?