I previously posted about a swarm I caught (my own bees) and rehived. They swarmed twice again, but both times returned home. I was able to watch them leave, swarm first time low in a tree and second time high in another tree and both times fly back home within about 20 minutes. Well, today they took off again, but not for very far. The landed only about 6 feet from their hive on the GROUND, with a medium sized clump of bees at one spot and a medium carpet of bees swarming through some tall broad weeds. They finally either ended up as one or some flew back home.

They stayed almost an hour so I called a friend to see if she wanted the swarm. I really wanted them away from their hive and I don't have an alternate location more than 5 miles away. Since they had left over and over again, seemed to me they might settle in better at another apiary.

Well...checked the remainder in the hive this evening and they are all balled up at the entrance just like last night...suitcases packed, ready to bail if there is good weather tomorrow. I'm a pretty new beekeeper, but they are EXACTLY the same right now at their entrance as they were last night. This swarm was hived with two capped queen cells from which a queen should have emerged around a week ago or so. Just can't figure this hive out. I have not inspected it because it is so unstable. Was planning on inspecting it tomorrow since the swarm swarmed and was taken away...but now I'll be watching for them to leave again.

Any advice on how to handle this colony and it's behavior would be much appreciated!!! Thanks ahead!