Hi folks we found you guys on Google & had no idea there were Bee communities on the web!
Or that we would be joining one!

We have hummingbird feeders that the bees were overwhelming. Yesterday I had an idea to make a wick with a stick and paper towels and put it in a jar of sugar water to see if that was easier for them to use and give them a better option than the feeders so our hummers could get a sip now and then.

To our astonishment, the bees have shown up in force, I have filled this quart jar up three times today, an unbelievable amount of sugar water.
We became concerned that perhaps this isn't good for them to do this and went looking for more info.
We looked into the cost of a bee hive at Amazon, it seems to be right up our alley, and so we came here to start to learn about this!

Glad to see a place like this WOW the home of a million bee stings!