I put my bees in the hive 5 or 6 days ago and since then we have had terrible weather. It has barely been hitting 50 degrees and we have had an unbelievable amount of rain this week.

I did my 1st inspection of the hive today. It is only 40 degrees out and I was surprised to see several bees flying around the outside of the hive and stacked up at the entrance reducer. It did not appear they ate hardly any sugar water out of the hive top feeder. I did find the queen cage to be empty and found her alive inside the hive in a cluster of bees. The bees were really clustered on the front side of 2 of the frames (guessing it was probably warmer here). I did not see where they had attempted to start any combs.

Does all of this sound normal considering the time frame they have been in the hive and the temps we have had? When should I expect to see them starting work on combs? Temps the next few days are suppose to be upper 50's to upper 60's.