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    I started bee keeping about 6 years ago but took a break last year because i got busy around the farm. I started back this year with 4 package bees and did ok. This year i bought a 4 frame extractor. in past years i crushed and strained. my questions is this.........after i spun the frames, i put them back on the hive to let the bees clean them up. i plan on taking them to the barn where i store all my bee stuff in a couple of weeks. How do store them to preserve the comb and keep the insects/ants/moths etc out of them.

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    Try freezing then for a couple of days to make sure all the nasties are gone. Put them in a plastic bag and seal 'em up so critters can't get in. Should be good to go after that.

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    I freeze them for about a week, then spray with BtA and store them in the supers on my screened porch with a solid board under the stacks and lids on top of the stacks. So far nothing has bothered them. Been doing this for a few years now.


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