Hello All,
I moved a nuc into a hive Saturday morning while the weather was cool & sunny. This was my first time to handle bees so I suited up and used a smoker. The bees were so easy to transfer that I may not have needed the gloves, jacket, etc. At the same time I poured a half-gallon of syrup into the division feeder that came with the nuc. Since then I've seen bees going in and out the entrance, many carrying pollen.

All the instructions I've read said I shouldn't open the hive again for a week, but after a few days I realized I probably hadn't given them enough syrup to last a full week. Thursday afternoon I took more syrup out, suited up, but didn't use smoke. I slid the cover back just enough to expose the feeder to refill. First thing I noticed: there seemed to be a LOT more bees, and they were much more attentive to me moving around. So much for my worries about absconding. Since they seemed already agitated I didn't try to pull out any frames to look at what they've been doing. I just added the syrup and closed up.

First question: Does anyone have an interpretation about the bees more territorial attitude? (There is a skunk in my neighborhood, but I've raised the hive off the ground a couple feet to prevent it from meddling.) Would the lack of smoke alone do this? A day without syrup? It was maybe 5 degrees colder, about 60F instead of 65F. Was it because it was 5PM instead of 10AM? Was this in my imagination?

Second question: Should I still inspect them this weekend, a week after hiving but just 3-4 days after opening the hive? Of course I will use smoke this time. By luck I saw the marked queen when I moved them, so I know she was there last weekend.

Last question for today: The nuc was arranged as feeder-brood-brood-brood-honey. I moved it into the hive in the same order with three empty frames on either side, followed by a board to close off the rest of the hive. Would it make more sense for the feeder to be on the other side of the honey frame? Or should I move an empty frame somewhere in between the feeder and the one honey frame?

Thanks for sharing your insights.