I installed 2 packages a week ago. One hive seems to be doing very well and I am feeding them 1:1 syrup in jars with holes poked in the lid on top of the inner cover, then a shallow super, then the outer cover. In my second hive, for some reason the syrup has dripped out of the jars and gone all over the cover and into the hive. (I am using a screened bottom board so a good deal of it is on the ground, but the cover and the entrance and the hive stand are obviously covered in sugar syrup. This happened yesterday and today... I guess the jar wasn't exactly level???? Even though I sat and watched the syrup and made sure it wasn't leaking... then I went back a few hours later and it was all drained out all over the place.

Anyway, my biggest question is... have I damaged the entire hive? Will they just lick up the sugar and look elsewhere for food (since the jar has now been empty a good part of two days?

I have successfully added a new jar and have checked that it isn't leaking (new wood sticks that I guess are more level).

Also, the bees numbers seem to be down. Maybe they are out looking for food, but the other hive seems to have lots more bees and lots more comb. I don't want to open the hive again to check everyone out since i think this would be counter productive.

Should I just keep on feeding them successfully and hope they recover? or take some other action at this time?