Hiya all.
We are in the middle of our winter. Snow fell but only lasted for a couple of days. May see more of it later in the months ahead but usually small dumps. Day time temps about 4 to 10 C max & -2 to -4 C at night.
Hives gone quite but still full of little critters.
I am very late in spinning some frames and I have thought that I will box up 10 frames for each hive and put it on top of of the 2 boxed hives. While in there, I have removed the varroa strips 'cause its about 6 weeks now that they've been in there.
All hives are looking really good and VERY strong, which is better than last winter , when I actually lost some hives from too little reserves (I think) This year, there are Tousands and tousands of the little buggers!
Anyway, the smell of tucker really livened them up and a mad rush to feed them selves was on. I am hoping that in a weeks time,(or so) I'll be able to remove these same boxes of frames and keep them ready for honey flow season.
In the past, I have spun all frames during the summer and fed the bees white sugar if they have run low on tucker during the winter.

I have not done it like this before and was wondering what other guys (& ladies) might think of cleaning the frames this way and as well as that, feeding them honey rather than sugar. I have heard an article on the radio about how there is thoughts that sugar may not be a good way to do it in the winter and maybe saving some supplies which have been robbed during the summer time, might be more helpful to them.
Thoughts or experiences on that would be of interest as well.

Hoping all's going well up there in the Northern hemisphere for you and the reported number of collapses are not still happening.
Best wishes,