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    Default First swarm hived

    Now that was really exciting and fun. Got to hive my first swarm yesterday with no help. I have just started keeping about 4 months ago. I had just talked to a local pest control operator an hour before and asked him had he had any swarm calls and what he did with them. He said no and that he usually killed them. I said call me the next time you do. An hour later he calls and said he just got a call about a swarm, I went to the house and the swarm was about 10 ' in a tree on a low hanging branch. Most of it was festooning down. About 4-5 pds of bees. I put my hive body with foundation and a few frames removed on a 6' later and shook the branch. About 2/3 rd of the swarm fell in. I lowered it to the ground and waited. They were all putting their little butts in the air and fanning their wings. There was still about a pound or 2 on the limb. After 10 min. they did not appear to be moving toward the hive but they were not going back to the branch. It was a little breezy so the ones in the tree may not have smelled the ones in the box. So I had to be across the county at my son's soccer match and had to get the job done so I climbed the ladder with a bucket and shook again. About half fell in the bucket and the rest took flight. I dumped the bucketful in the hive and the rest came to the hive.10 min later I was out of there. I had to go to the soccer match and then put them out at night so I am going to check on them later today, but what a thrill for my first time. The fun part was teaching the 12 folks at the house about bees and why they swarm. One little fellow who was in 4th grade came up to me and said" That's cool man, I think I want to be a beekeeper some day." Really neat.

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    Great story...well done...I'm excited for you!


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