i recently decided to get into bee keeping in a most unusual way.
first off, i have many hobbies as I would rather learn to do something myself than to have to buy or pay someone else to do it for me. self-sufficiency is my objective.
a few years back i got into reloading my own ammo, which got me interested in making gunpowder, which lead me to extracting sodium nitrate from manure and guano and so on. later i started casting my own lead bullets and as lead bullets need a lubricant, i've played around with different recipes for wax which i found beeswax a must have component, so with the price of beeswax i thought why not look into my own hives, after all, i've got 20 acres and i don't know of any other beekeepers in the area so they may do well. i researched the various types of hives (Lang, Warre, etc) and decided on the KTBH as it is simple to make and should be easier to manage. I don't have any bees yet, but i've seen a few hundred bees down at the edge of the pond getting loaded up on water so yesterday i built an 8 bar nuc to see if they'll take up residence.
besides the potential for harvest of honey and wax, i've done considerable reading about honey bees and i've become quite enthralled with these little 'work-a-holics' so i registered to this site to learn even more.