got home yesterday to find my bees were in the process of swarming. they were forming several large clusters in a small holly tree in my yard. i thought i may have 2 seperate swarms so i got two boxes. once i got the majority of the bees in the boxes i put the inner covers on and the bees in the box with most of the bees immediately started fanning at the entrance, so i'm pretty sure my queen is in there. the other box was quiet compared to that one. after dark i moved both boxes over to the stand where the original hive was. i placed the smaller box at 90 degrees to the opening of the box with the queen. hopefully they will go over to the box with the queen. if not, i will to a newspaper combine, or is it realy even necesssary to do that. could i just place the box on top without the newspaper? hopefully they like their new home and stay. one rookie mistake i may have made was putting lemongrass oil at the entrance of both boxes. this may be why the bees stayed in the box without the queen, i'll see when i get home today. some pics are attached. and who said swarms don't sting? i got stung about 10 times, but overall they were gentle conswarm-1.jpgswarm-2.jpgswarm-3.jpgswarm-4.jpgsidering the amount of bees and how long i was out there in the middle of them.