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    Default Test graft tomorrow in Western Washington-

    Cloake board is installed-first queen to be grafted has been chosen. I have so many that are exceptional, it was hard to choose. Here she is, a daughter from a swarm I collected near Mt. Rainier in 2011
    Overwintered well and has great traits. These photos were taken today.

    How's this for a brood pattern on a barley drawn frame

    I have a fair amount of mature drones in the hives and a good amount of capped drone brood. Weather has been decent and forecast to be mild and consistent. I didn't graft last year until May 10th.

    This one is Italianish looking, but momma produced five very different colored daughters, so I am assuming she was well mated with a good variety of genetics.
    You can see the workers are different colors as well. Some with a very wide orange band,some with two colors of orange, red and black, some with darker black striping.

    I sold all I could raise locally last year, but it is possible I may ship once I get the mating nucs stocked and the first batch mated. I'll post it if I do.
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