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    Default New hive starting with drawn comb.

    I will be installing a package soon into a hive that died over winter. The frames are all drawn out and there are the empty cells from last years brood cluster, capped and uncapped honey and quite a lot of stored pollen. My question is, is there a specific/certain order or sequence to follow when I arrange the frames in the hive for the incoming new package? I am guessing that it won't matter and the bees will move anything that needs to be moved. I am just concerned about the amount of pollen that is stored will be a lot of work for the bees to move around to make room for the Queen to lay. Thanks, juzzer

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    Default Re: New hive starting with drawn comb.

    I put my queen cage between two drawn brood frames and put food on either side. With B=Brood, H=Honey and P=Pollen, the ones I started over the weekend look like:


    Not sure if it's "right," but my thinking was that the food should be close to where the queen is so it's easy to get to when she starts laying.


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