It appears that the general consensus on Beesource is "Tylan doesn't work on European Foulbrood." Some beekeepers still recommend Tylan, though, and say that some strains of EFB are resistant to Terramycin. The only way to observe what's actually true is to listen to beekeepers who have seen for themselves which treatment cures EFB.

I'd like to keep this particular conversation about "treating with antibiotics", and not talk about "the shake-down method" or, "natural selection - letting them die". I'm a bee inspector (yeah, I know you love bee inspectors), and I see plenty of European Foulbrood. I want to stay up-to-date on my suggestions for treatments, so I'm trying to figure out which treatments are the most effective for saving hobby/sideliner hives and eventually eliminating EFB from the infected apiary.

Its sad to see someone lose a whole apiary of bees to EFB. It can be really serious. The more I read, and the more presentations I go to, the more questions I have. Lately, I'll read from a source that I thought was the gospel, and find myself thinking "well, that can't actually be true anymore..."