I got some queens from Bweaver on Friday. and put them in the hives in 5x7 push in cages. I went to release the first one today, four days later. I opened the hive and pulled out her frame, the cage had her and a bunch of bees in it. I couldn't tell if they were bees that hatched out, or some that borrowed in. Anyway I put the new queen in a queen clip so I could keep track of her and laid her on top of some frames. some bees gathered on the clip as they normally do. I went through the hive and got rid of any queen cells. I then touched up the paint on the new queen, it was almost gone. I then laid her back on top of the frames. I did about five more minutes of work and went back to get the queen and noticed a lot of bees on the clip. I picked it up and blew the bees off and could see that they were balling her. I got her out but she was dead, does anybody know why? I am going to try to release anther queen tomorrow.