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    Default Pigeon Mountain vented suits...lousy design but I fixed it!

    I am a wimp in the hot weather and so working in a bee suit was burning me up last summer. Finally I broke down and bought a Pigeon Mountain vented suit with the round veil. I have a standard Dadant suit size large (5"7" tall and 180 lbs) witch has plenty of room so I ordered a Large from them. I was amazed when I got the suit that I had a hard time lifting my knees and could not lift my arms higher than my chest without the arms pulling up. I shipped it back and they sent me and XL. Wahoa now I looked like a space man. The suit was huge! Way to long in the legs, super wide and pockets down at my knees but still I could not lift my arms past horizontal! Every time I would lean forward or reach up the sleeves would ride up my arms several inches. I am not at all tall at 5' 7" so I can't imagine what a pain it would be for a tall person. The problem is that the nimrod pattern maker designed this suit such that the armpit down around bellybutton level. What the heck it will never work that way! Here is a photo of the vented Pigeon Mountain suit with my old Dadant suit on top. Click on the image to see it larger:


    I sew polar fleece winter hats for a living so finally I took the time to take the blasted suit apart and fixed it. I took three inches off the length between the shoulders and the waist, two inches off the ankles, two inches off the girth, added 4 inches of Velcro at the cuff so they would close around my boots and biggest of all fixed the darn armpits. Here is a photo of the arms after surgery:


    You can see the huge triangle I cut off. Finally I can reach up and down without the arms riding up! I love it as I can use regular all leather work gloves and not have to mess with the hot long armed beekeeping gloves. When ever the cheap zippers fail I will replace them with proper YKK zippers and this suit will be good. Would I recommend one to a friend? Nope! Probably should have gone for the ultra breeze or something else but I really wanted the round veil.

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    Default Re: Pigeon Mountain vented suits...lousy design but I fixed it!

    My Ultra Breeze is just fine but it is my first and is only the jacket. I have got stung when working and bent at belt line in back. I am 6'2" and have the xl, just have to remember the back door!
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