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Maple honey is very nice. People either love it or hate it. Not much in between. Nice yellow colour, slow to granulate.
I extracted a super of it last nite. It sure is a unique flavour, and I can see what you mean, love it or hate it.

Amazing the difference in spring between us here on the coast, and those on the other side of the rocks. Coquihalla was closed by a blizzard a few days ago, apparently 50cm of snow (2 feet for you folks down south). Talked to an aunt in saskatchewan yesterday, she was talking about a full on blizzard complete with road closures etc a few days ago. And here, maples are done, drones are flying, apples and arbutus in full bloom. The bees all survived, and are going gangbusters. One hive has the second super already half capped, the rest are all busy capping in the first one. There is a full week of sun in the forcast, and, I suspect I will be able to extract another half dozen supers when the holly trees are done. Not a bad start for only 6 hives, and half the supers went on as fresh plastic with no comb.