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Thread: Lame queen?

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    Default Lame queen?

    Hello all, I have some concerns about my queen. This was hive was a swarm from June 2012, and was doing well then, even over wintered. I did an inspection today and saw all stages of brood, lots of pollen stores, still has three bars of honey. Yet out of 10 combs, she is only laying in 3, and only on a quarter of the comb.

    What's wrong with this queen. Other people in my area have bees that are boiling over. My queen seems to only want to keep the current population. Any ideas in what to do?

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    Default Re: Lame queen?

    Option 1: Give her the "benefit of the doubt" and wait a couple weeks, see if she's just a "late starter."

    Option 2: Smash her, then the bees will raise a new queen for you; it's early enough in the season, so the delay while the new queen hatches, mates, then begins laying, shouldn't hurt your hive's chances of successfully overwintering next winter


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