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    I inspected one of my hives that built up the fastest after splitting two weeks ago. I found a surplus of big swarm cells. I used a few on some nucs, but I do not have enough bees to save all of them. I would like to have some queens on stand-by because I know that latter in the summer queens will be hard to find. This queen don't miss a cell.solid capped frames! The hive was two deeps, and she was working the top box. I don't see why the bees would replace her, and the bottom box had room to lay eggs.I reversed the boxes , and allowed them to keep one swarm cell because I didn't see her. Did I do anything wrong? I would love to keep this queen. I have a 4' top bar hive that I could move them into. If I found this queen could I take her, and put her with a nuc from a hive that isn't trying to swarm? I know I have alot of question in this tread, but any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    dp, by allowing them to keep one swarm cell she will leave with the prime swarm, usually as soon as the swarm cell is capped. A hive will have after swarms as well depending on how many more swarm cells are in the hive. If your desire is to keep this queen then you should either remove all swarm cells or remove her and a portion of the other bees to new hive and let the original hive requeen with 1 or 2 cells. You did not mention if the queen cell that you left in the hive was capped or not, if it was capped then she has most likely left with a swarm, if so don't be too concerned, you do have her daughters and they should have her genetics.

    You stated that you did not understand why the bees would replace her, well its their way of procreation.

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