I think I forgot to say hi b4 I posted in a couple of threads. I don't raise bees, I'm allergic to the sound of them but I love honey! I check in every so often for recipes, etc. that I can copy and paste for my wife to use. My son and his wife want to raise bees, so maybe next Fall I'll get a hive for them to start off with - just as long as they don't put it anywheres near me I'm from Central Montana and I drive truck during the Summers in Montana, then snowbird to Tennessee where my son lives for the mild Winters and to visit the grandsons (3 and one on the way). I'll be heading back to MT in a few days, as soon as my daughter-in-law has the baby (any day now!) The wife won't leave until the baby is born
I really like this forum and everyone seems to be friendly, so maybe when I get back this Fall (I have very little chance of getting on the net while I'm in MT), I'll find some new recipes. I like to say I'm semi-retired, but the wolf at the door won't let me do that lol