28 days ago I opened my hive for an inspection: 2 brood boxes and a honey super. I never spotted the queen but I did aggressively remove drone comb from the outside bottoms of several frames. By the time I was finished I had not seen the queen and started to worry I had knocked her off.

Yesterday I opened it up again and found lots of capped brood, pollen, honey, and very few larva. I didn't see eggs, but my old eyes are not so good. I did find about 6 queen cells, which I left alone

Am I right to think my queen is still there since any egg she laid 28 days ago is already hatched, so the sight of capped brood shows she survived my first inspection: the oldest capped brood is 20 days, new bees emerge on day 21, right?

Some other math I enjoy: 21 days ago I harvested 1 1/2 gallons from a full medium honey super, yesterday it was 95% full again - time to get more honey!