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    Default Returning queen to her hive after queen cells taken out

    I took a queen and some bees out of a strong hive. Once the queen cells are capped, I want to cut them out to place in nucs. I want to return the queen to that hive. Anything wrong with that method? What should I be aware of? Will they accept their returning queen without problem?

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    Default Re: Returning queen to her hive after queen cells taken out

    I don't see any problem with it however make sure there is no queen cells in the strong hive when you introduce her back in. I just returned two queens back to their original hives and the colony's did not hesitate to take back their queen mothers with out stretched tongues. To be on the safe side I had each queen in a queen clip and laid the clip on top of the frames to see how they would respond to her before she was released. When the nurse bees started feeding her I new all would be ok. Southeast Ohio Zone 6A, Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up


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