Recently I have learned that the owner of the the operation I am currently running is going to shut everything down and sell off what he owns. He is 75 and is ready to retire. (I can't really blame him.) This leaves me in a strange predicament. I know bees, as much as anyone can actually know a bee. I was born into beekeeping and have been doing this since I could carry a hive body. It's in my blood. Currently I am managing 2000 hives. All the day to day operations and processing. Unfortunately it will all be gone in a few months, so now I am looking elsewhere. I would like to continue beekeeping and honestly I could use the change of scenery. So the world is my oyster. I am willing to travel just about anywhere in the world, keeping bees, teaching, running another operation, you name it. You can contact me via my profile if you are interested.