Are a small number of bees more likely to accept a caged queen than a large number of bees?

With the change in the weather, it's warmer now, and some nectar coming in I am making nucs w/ one frame of brood, two empty combs, and two frames of foundation. Figuring I have two more weeks before I go North and maybe two more weeks before I get back here to retrieve the nucs to take them back home in NY.

So, these bottomless nuc is above an excluder on top of a strong colony to get bees on the frame of brood. Not having more frames of brood I am guessing I won't have as many bees up in the nuc boxes when I take them off of the hives and move them to another yd, where I will add caged queens to them a cpl days later.

Does this make sense? Do you think I will have better acceptance doing this? Better? Worse? The same percentage?