On April 3rd I took 3 frames and a bundle of bees from an overcrowded hive, a very strong hive. I put them in a 10 frame deep because that's all I had with me and brought it to my backyard so I could keep an eye on it. 2 days later I put in another frame of empty comb because night temps were in the 50's and not that many bees in box, to help insulate on the side of the hive that was open, if that makes sense. The 3 frames had both open and sealed brood, nectar and pollen.

I went in today and on one of the frames, one side has 3 emergency capped queen cells and the other side has 2. They are all very close to each other. I would like to save those queens as this came from such a strong hive, but not sure how I do this. I have one of those square, 2x2" or so (might be bigger) wire press in queen cages.

That is the only thing I have as far as queen rearing goes. I have some extra 4 frame nuks, but is there a way I can somehow do a queen rearing and start some hives with so little equipment?