I've been asked if I can help with a feral hive. The swarm is about 40' in a tree and I have to climb the tree to get to it. I have no way to get a lift into the yard. My only thoughts are to tie some rope and try to cut and lower the branch. I could try a bucket on a pole. I can get to about 3' from the hive before the branches to to thin for my weight.

The bees are well mannered as I've jostled them pretty good (200 lbs has a tendency to move tree branches) and they haven't come after me.

Part of me says leave it to someone with more experience. I can't get any interest from my local bee society and the homeowner had a professional out to "save" a swarm in her fence. They just killed them. I've tried setting some bait boxes in nearby trees and got nothing. Not that I really had hope for that.

Let me know if you have any ideas. I appreciate it.