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    Default Hopkins Method

    Just wondering why no one uses the Hopkins Method or if they do no one talks about it all you hear about are the Jenters or grafting

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    I have used the Hopkins method, or at least a version of it, once or twice, many years ago.

    I don't regularly use it today, because grafting into cell cups and placing them into specially prepared cell builder colonies is, for me, a much easier way to get a large quantity of quality queen cells in a repeatable and reliable manner.

    Also, cells grown on JZsBZs plastic cell cups are much more robust and durable than straight beeswax cells.
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    Default Re: Hopkins Method

    Here's my version:

    And here is the Hopkins method:

    It works fine and for a non-grafting method it's easy and doesn't really require any special equipment. I built a shim but with a ten frame box you can put an empty frame in for the spacer, at an angle to get it in, and put the comb with the larvae on top of that and fill the rest of the box with rags. You don't have to buy a Jenter box etc.
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