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    Default Reusing drawn foundation question

    Hi folks. I picked up some used deep and medium frames/foundation from a person in our local BKA a couple of weeks ago. It's the Pierco plastic frame/foundation. Some of the foundation (mostly the medium frames) has some drawn comb on it, some of which was used for brood. It looks like a mouse might have gotten ahold of and chewed on it a bit, as some of the comb is gone is spots. Will the bees fill in these missing spots, or should I scrape it and start from scratch?

    Also I plan to use the mediums for my honey supers. Is it cool to use frames that were once used for brood in honey supers, assuming we don't care if the honey's dark or not?

    As always TIA.
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    Default Re: Reusing drawn foundation question

    You may want to re-coat the frames with missing comb, at least where the comb is gone down to the plastic as bees will often refuse to build comb there. Otherwise, unless it's full of wax moth webbing, the bees will fix it right up.

    Brood cells in the honey supers has very little effect on the honey. Brood extracted with the honey is a mess, but just empty cells is not a problem, it rarely changes the color of the honey. If you don't want to take that risk, mark the boxes it's is so you remember to leave them for the bees instead of extracting them.


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    Default Re: Reusing drawn foundation question

    As mentioned, you just need to make sure that the bare plastic gets some fresh wax on it. I use brood comb frames in my honey supers all the time.
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    Default Re: Reusing drawn foundation question

    I would just give it back to the bees. They will clean it up and reuse it. If it smells like mouse urine, I would wash it and air it out first.
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