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    Default Is this a good deal for shallows?

    A older member of our club has gotten out of the bee business and has a lot of 10 frame shallows for sale.
    I'm about to purchase more woodenware and wasn't sure what to do.

    I had wanted to use deeps and mediums but this seems to good to pass up.
    The woodenware is in good condition and have purchased deeps and shallows from him previously.

    He has:
    300- 10 frame Shallows $4/ea
    6- ten frame Shallows with frames and new foundation $12/ea

    I've got 12 ten frame Deeps ready to go with mostly drawn comb to make 12 hives.
    This years plan is for any new hives to have two deeps and then other sized supers on top.

    If I buy the used shallows with frames and foundation, I think I'll save about $10 over getting all new stuff.
    Thats $60 I could use for other equipment.
    I might get 40 empty shallows and keep them around.

    What do you all think?
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