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    Default Trap outs and pricing

    I have a # in mind, but I hate to leave $$$ on a table. And I have never seen any $ thrown around on doing one. I have allis Avoided doing one but allis welcome cut outs.

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    Default Re: Trap outs and pricing

    I'd charge for 3 cut-outs, as a rule of thumb. From what I've read on 'em (thanks Cleo Hogan Jr.) they are stupid-labor intensive & time intensive. If I'm gonna have to make a dozen or more trips to their property, then they're paying for all that fuel burned (some of my removals have been >1hr away from my home), AND for all the excess time & labor spent.

    And before anyone asks, NO, I haven't run into a customer who thought it was worthwhile to pay 3x more for a trap-out than the cost of a removal; end result is always that the removal works better for me, the customer(s), and (most likely, IMHO) the bees.


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