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    Default Honey from colonies about to swarm???

    I've got a few colonies that are going to swarm in the nest week or so. Normally I make splits from the colonies I've had with swarm cells to increase my hive numbers.
    I'd rather get a maximum amount of honey this year and not split these jammed colonies. I'm wondering if removing the queen & maybe 2 frames of brood will make the hives not swarm. I've read here about this but I've not tried it so I'd like opinions on whether or not I would have a good chance for honey by doing this.
    I've had supers on these hives for a few weeks but the big flow is still a week or two away & these hives have 14-15 frames of solid to partial brood.
    Any thoughts on honey potential?
    I've been keeping for a while but always wanted to use swarm colonies for increasing my numbers. Already said this but seems odd that I don't yet know the best way to handle these hives for honey production.
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    Default Re: Honey from colonies about to swarm???

    At this point that is about your only option. I have had pretty good luck keeping them from swarming by doing as you described. There is no guarantee. Do it before you get swarm cells. If you already have swarm cells do your split, and then knock down most of the swarm cells leave only a couple of the better looking cells. That should help keep them from swarming with one of the virgins.


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