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    Default Should I keep old wax?

    I was given a tiered hive (not sure what they are called because I'm new to all of this) It has sheets of wax all in the frames. Do I keep that wax on to attract a swarm or should I clean the frames out? Didn't know if a smell from the previous owner's hive would make them not want to live there. Thanks

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    Default Re: Should I keep old wax?

    I heard that the old comb on a frame is good to attract a swarm. So these wax frames are good for
    your existing hives to draw out the new combs.

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    Default Re: Should I keep old wax?

    Comb and wax are gold to a beekeeper.
    Bees have a real keen sinse of smell. Keep the wax and comb. Your bees will know what to do with it.


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