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    Default Walter kelly dura gill and brood

    I got a bunch of this product or what I think is dura gill. Clear sheet of thin plastic with wax on it. How is it for brood frames? I normally use straight wax.

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    Default Re: Walter kelly dura gill and brood

    I don't like it
    The wax seems to separate a bit,from the plastic.Then the bees will draw leaves of comb
    They will build rhese on both side of the lifted wax, wish I had a picture to help discribe it.

    Keep in mind this is my experience with it
    Others may love it

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    Default Re: Walter kelly dura gill and brood

    dura gilt is made by Dadant. I don't understand why they still make it. The bees hate it, and won't build on it very well. I used some years ago, and have been replacing it ever since. I hate it!
    So much to learn, so little time!!

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    Default Re: Walter kelly dura gill and brood

    I have had bees draw thousands of frames of duragilt. If managed properly, like all foundation drawing, it works out fine. If you feed it in a frame at a time between capped brood it will be drawn perfectly like any frame you put in. If you put a box of it on when the bees are laying white wax on the top bars of the box below, it will be drawn well. Keep it tight together! Do not space it like you draw any frame best. If you put it on when there is no flow, the bees will refuse it like they do any foundation because they just don't need it for anything but spare parts. They will chew the wax off and reuse it like they will from any other foundation when there is no flow. It just damages it worse. I like the heavy plastic foundation better or plastic frames, but if you already have it, by all means use it like I suggested and you will be fine.

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    Default Re: Walter kelly dura gill and brood

    I've used duragilt without any problems. When I've acquired old boxes of duragilt foundation from retiring beekeepers, some of the brittle wax has fallen away from the plastic. The bees WILL NOT replace the wax and there will be some uneven combs.

    As a rule, I don't buy it, but if it's part of a package deal with some used equipment, I'll use it. It works best in a grooved bottom bar, rather than a divided bottom bar as the wedge top bar doesn't always hold it secure.

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