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    Default When to add 2nd box of drawn comb.

    I am planning on using 10 frames of drawn comb(last years honey supers) in my 1st box to start out my packages this year, at what point(what do I look for) to determine the correct time to add the 2nd box? Last year I added my 2nd box when the 1st was 8-9 frames drawn.

    Also, I have one hive that died and now I want to use it to start a new package in. There is pollen, capped, and uncapped on the drawn frames. The hive consists of 2 deeps with 10 drawn frames in each. I have about 10 empty cell drawn frames(empty brood frames) The other 10 frames are a combination of capped, uncapped, and pollen from last year. What kind of combination of these frames should I place in the 1st deep when restarting this hive with the new 3 pound package? Thanks, juzzerbee

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    Default Re: When to add 2nd box of drawn comb.

    Center out...... drawn comb, then pollen, then honey. If the bees don't like the arrangement, they'll change it.

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    Default Re: When to add 2nd box of drawn comb.

    I agree with Mr. Beeman regarding the arrangement of the frames. As far as when to add a second box, I'd be looking at when the queen is laying a lot of brood in the center frames extending out to within a few frames of the edge. For me (and this is just my opinion), I like a colony that is taller than wider. When I add a box of drawn comb, I add it when I have about 6 frames actively worked down below (I run 10 frame mediums). That means that the 2 frames on each side are drawn and may have some activity from the queen but those frames are not filled with brood. That's conservative. In reality, I probably add that box when the outer frames have some brood but not a lot. Again, that's just me.
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