Made up 5 nucs back on April 2nd hoping to get a jump on the season. Made them up by grabbing a frame of brood and 2 frames of honey from a parent colony and shaking some extra bees into the nucs. Placed them about 15 yards away from the parent colonies and placed obstacles in the way of the entrances. Saw a lot of bees making orientation flights as soon as they were leaving the colonies so I'm assuming the majority of them will locate there. Fast forward to yesterday and we're getting a foot of snow with the temp predicted to be in the single digits for 3 days. Really didn't have much hope for the nucs I made up so I made the trip out to the apiary last night at 20:30 in the middle of a blizzard to pick up the nucs and stash them in my garage until it warms up on Thursday. Could only find 4 out of the 5, the fifth one must have been under to much snow, or I just couldn't find that white box in the white blizzard (go figure). Opened the broods nest in about 16 colonies when I made up the nucs (did this by removing a drawn out frame and replacing it with an empty frame, 5 frames total for hives in double deeps). We'll see next week when it warms up how those colonies are fairing and how the nucs do. Hope I didn't jostle the new QC's around to much transporting them from the apiary to the house. I'd rather risk jostling them around then risk leaving them out in the cold for three days when they're this young I suppose