Bees were picked up in GA. Sat. 4/6/13 about 6:30 AM, I went over Sunday morning to the guys house and got my 2packages.
Sunday 4/7/13, 60* some wind, new med 8 frame, used jacket and veil, no gloves.
I sprayed #1 package, must not been enough because boy they were mad at me.
6 stings on the hands and 1 on the leg. Trying to get the gloves on was a circus.
#2 package went a lot better, I guess to much spraying, to install the rest of the frames on #2 it took a long time
for the bees to get out of the way. I was afraid I created a carmel popcorn ball. I also sprayed the foundations as installing.
I took the cork out of the candy side but didn't poke a hole tru the candy, I held the Q cage with a rubber band, cage horizontal screen up.
Now after the install I put mason pint jars with 7 or 8 holes drilled .040 dia. # 60 bit in the lid over the round hole
in the inner cover.
I could not find qt. size and the pt. fits with medium super. Monday 8th (today) I had to fill up with more sugar water.
There seems to be more dead bees outside hive 1 then hive 2, maybe they can't get the popcornball out the small entrance hole.
I put water about 30' away, someone said if you put it next to the hives they won't use it. The neighbors pool is about 400' away.

Now...when do I check on the Queen what do I look for and whats my next step.
I guess I should change my handle to...2 bee...