Ive got a breeder queen I practiced grafting last fall some. Ive got a cloake board and that is the method I used last fall, but I really feel like its just way more work than is necessary, but if I have to use it I will. Ive got a hive that is just booming, I got the bees in a cutout two years ago. Last year they did not even try to swarm never seen a queen cell in that hive. The queen is not marked ive got every queen Ive got marked but that one. She is a good one. That hive right now is just unreal strong. Ive got others making queen cells this one still isnt trying to swarm. But I know I need to replace the queen shes not young. I want to find her in the hive and take a push in queen cage and contain her to one frame for 5 days then remove her from the hive and put her in a nuc with some drawn comb and some bees. Then the next day I want to graft some larvae and drop in that hive where I removed the frame from. What are your thoughts on this. My thinking is to keep the queen in the hive until all the larvae are too old for the bees to make a queen out of then add the grafts. I will keep this old queen too and raise some from her. Those bees have never been affected by mites. Got good amount of honey from them last year, but the only drawback is they are a little hot, not real bad, but they are not gentle. You wont be working them in short sleeves Ill put it that way. I know some folks think that a queen right hive will finish the cells better than an emergency situation. I agree with Michael Bush in the thinking that if the hive is strong enough and has the means to feed the cells they will make good queens either way. I need some queen cells very quickly too it has been cold here until this last weekend and Ive got some hives making queen cells anyway the trees dont even have any leaves yet.
Oh and after I take the cells out of the hive I will leave them one do you folks think that using the push in cage to contain the queen in the hive to keep it queenright until all her eggs are too old then remove her and drop in the grafts. I think it will work, but I would like to know if anyone has done it.