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    Default New hive entrance size

    I'll be installing 2 packages of bees into 2 hives in a couple of weeks. (delivery has been delayed due to weather down South) I have screened bottom boards and have decided that I'll close the bottom until they are established. But the insert board has a built in entrance reducer. The size of the opening is only about 1/2".

    I know that I need to drastically reduce the size of the opening, but that seems a little too small to me. Should I increase that up to about an inch or leave it as is?

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    Default Re: New hive entrance size

    You'd be amazed at how many bees can go through a very small hole. I wouldn't adjust it until there is a traffic jam at the door.

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    Default Re: New hive entrance size

    That is not to small You will probably not need to go to a 3 inch opening for several weeks, and full open for 6 weeks to a few months. I like to give my girls time to get strong before they have to worry about cold and intruders. Remember bees like it warm very warm.


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