Hey to all!! I have just completed my first top bar hive. I have the sliding dividers in it to minimize the chambers. I have learned a lot from reading the forums but cannot find the answers to so questions I have, maybe someone can answer them for me.
First, I have read that the entrance should be anywhere from the end, side, bottom, 2 entrances, 3, just one, can someone please tell me what works best for them. I am going to have a covered landing.
The brood chamber, does the top bars need to be waxed just as the ones I want to collect honey from and where should they be placed in reference to the entrance?
The pollen stores, do the top bars in this chamber need to be waxed also and where do I place them in reference to the others, (brood, honey)? Do I divide in off with my dividers?
Once I have a colony established, do I mess with the brood chamber, (like maintenance)?
What about the pollen stores? and how do I tell the difference in each?
Thanks to you all for the informative site.