I've got my first two packages (carniolan) on their way from olivarez to be delivered some time at the end of this week. I was looking for some advice on how I should time things.

If I notice that the package queen is doing poorly (spotty brood caps, lots of varroa on the sticky board, first year supersedure) when should I requeen? I know that there are many queen lines that I can order that would advance the genetics of my bees but I was wondering about how much of a chance I should give my package bees.

However, I don't plan on just letting my hive die either. I'd use a soft treatment in order to keep the bees alive until I can transition them to better genetics. Also, when I do get better genetic footing I would probably use some of Michael Palmers suggestions on creating a sustainable apiary. I'm just not sure of how I transition to that point.

What I'm unsure of in my game plan is how should I time things out? Should I expect a package to last one winter and then slowly start to collapse? Should I order a queen a month from now in the expectation that package queens are generally inferior?

I could play it by ear and take pictures of what the hive looks like every month and post it to this topic to see what you guys think?