Is there scientific proof that bleach won't kill AFB spores?

I'm not arguing this point I'm just asking the question - is this just conventional wisdom or has someone somewhere actually done scientific research that shows that there is no practical way to sanitize used equipment?

The reason I ask is that after winter losses I found myself with an excess of comb for the first time ever, and have been taking action to carefully store it away long term. Some of it I was going to toss (none is very old) because I just didn't like it's looks, but as an experiment I put some in a big (clean) trash can with a gallon of clorox and enough water to cover for a few days - you have to weigh it down a lot by the way - and it looks great coming out. I've never had AFB, and since comb is hard come by - I'm gonnna dry it out good and carefully put a little of it in a test hive just to see what the bees think.

I know you can't see disease pathogens, but conventional wisdom in swimming pool maintenance is that a good strong chlorine shock is the nuclear option - it kills everything. And we all know for a fact that bees don't mind chlorinated pool water.