Hello! Joined the local Bee Keepers Association about a year ago, read a lot of books, most of this forum (very awesome BTW), as much as I could find on line, and took a 6 week class offered by the local association. Installed 2 packages on March 30 and am finding out, the bees didn't do as much prep as I did. They certainly didn't read the books...LOL. Also finding out that hands on is the best way to learn and there is a lot not in the above materials. For example, one hive is doing as expected based on my "education". The other, not so much. Not building any comb, so I think that queen may not be there any longer. Can't find her but inexperience may be the reason.
So searching right now for the answer....do I need a new queen? Shouldn't they be building comb? or do they need an active queen to do that?
So much to learn and don't want to kill my bees while I do!