Decided to try my hand at grafting this last week. On Wed. the weather here was beautiful 70 deg. and sunny no wind, but do to my schedule next week I knew I would not be able to harvest cells at 10 days, so I waited until Thurs. On Thurs. weather was not great windy, temps in the 50's and rain threatening I decided to try anyway. I have a booming 3 deeps (8 frame) hive I wanted to graft from. Going after the brood I was mauled lots of bees stinging my gloves and jacket so instead of grafting at the kitchen table I was in the cold garage with poor lighting, couldn't remove my veil so brood was definately hard to see. Only did seven grafts before placing in hive. I decided to try the Ben Harden method (queen in bottom box, queen excluder, 2nd box with grafts and some brood and stores, and top box, I didn't use any dummy frames as hive is packed with bees). I peeked in today and found 4 started cells, with the poor weather and grafting conditions I wasn't expecting any so 4 is great. I will take and post pics when I pull them. Thanks for everyones willingness to share info. here. Just thought I would share my success.