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    Default Hello From South Boston, VA

    I am a newbie, just started 2 hives back at the end of March. I am happy to see this resource for questions and sharing experiences with folks who are new like me and those who've been caring for bees for years. I always wanted to keep bees and now that I am almost retired, I decided it was now or never. I am not as afraid of the bees as I thought I would be and actually find it very relaxing watching them buzz around.

    I look forward to reading all the posts and am sure I will come away with some great information to help me keep my bees healthy and maybe even happy!

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    Default Re: Hello From South Boston, VA

    WELCOME DRAGONFLY good luck with your bees, I believe you will find it a enjoyable journey. I am a long time beekeeper. However My significant other has only been exposed to beekeeping for three years. At first she was nervous about them, A few months ago I knew she had become a true bee person, we were in a hunting blind in Texas, a honey bee flew into the blind. She was excited at the bees presences not in a bad way. She held her hand up and coaxed the bee to land, held her hand out the window and said goodbye.

    It occurred to me that my beloved partner had by osmosis acquired my love of bees, the more time one spends with them the more at ease you become. I sometimes catch myself so relaxed I check a hive or two without a veil.

    You will really enjoy beekeeping, and many of those you will meet through it.

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    Default Re: Hello From South Boston, VA

    I'm one week into my experience with bees too. Really exciting.

    Welcome to the site!

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    Default Re: Hello From South Boston, VA

    Welcome Terri!


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