This past week we took the girls out in my Ulster Observation Hive to a bee class that my wife is teaching for her homeschool group.

The colony was split off my other larger colony on Wednesday, 3/27. I took two frames out of the big hive, one with brood, one with larvae and eggs. Then shook some nurse bees and added a couple empty frames and a feeder frame. All these went into a standard nuc box. Then last Thursday (4/4), I moved the frames into the obs hive and was pleased to see at least 4 queen cells! We had a lot of good questions, and a few standard questions. I also had a couple that wanted to try and open the hive. Thank goodness for locks and screws keeping everything secure.

Here's some photos.

(sorry for just doing links, for some reason the image uploader keeps giving me errors)

EDIT: I put them back in their nuc box yesterday and plan to leave them be next week. The queen should emerge sometime between Tuesday & Thursday.

We'll be bringing the hive back in to the class on 4/29 and if all goes well, we'll have a busy queen and lots of eggs and brood to show them!