Yesterday I did a complete hive breakdown and in the process i found 2 swarm cells. looked like fangs hangin off the bottom of the frame. So here is what I did. Cleaned brood comb from between and collected brood in cells. Bees were over flowing the top so I thought I would swap places with bottom hive body (med) with the second brood box (deep) to give them more room. I checker boarded a few empty frames of foundation against brood frames (for swarm control). I never found the queen. Found larva, capped brood, and emerging brood. I didn't check much for eggs but confident they were there. Then took the frame (med) with swarm cells and set it aside (no queen). Pulled brood (2) frames 2 honey and some empty comb (from dead out) and placed on top of the hive. All this after I swept the bees off the frames and added a queen excluder. Then left them for the night. I took the brood comb I cleaned out between the frames and disected to look for mites (none seen). This afternoon I pulled the top portion of hives, above the queen excluder, off and set them facing south perpendicular to the original. Put a deep, with drawn comb, on the medium lower box with the swarm cells. To hopefully draw the bees up to have all deep bood boxes. Went back to the original box and shook bees off in to the new hive. Now my goal is to prevent swarming, have all deep frames for brood boxes, start a new hive, and have honey this year I can pull of to sell. Now what? What did I do wrong what did I do right? thank you Doeboy