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Maybe your question was rhetorical? How does a hive of bees get infected from a veil? How does it get infected from a smoker or hive tool as far as that goes?
Yes Mark, maybe it was. Its the spores that infect the next colony, as you well know

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-snip- I've found that many beekeepers like to "contribute" to threads by posting their approach and/or methods used to handle challenges in beekeeping using a tone of superiority if you will. I'm being hypersensitive here just to try and make my point. -snip-I may have other, "experts" look down their nose at my management methods but that seems to be more of a problem for them than it is for me.
I apologize for sounding superior, but I assure you I did not intend to sound that way -I'm not a member of the beekeeping Taliban. After reading this was your second bout with AFB, I was looking for a commonality between the two episodes....Tools popped into my mind as a possible source of infection. Working in a hospital for 20 years makes me think of infection control more than the average Joe. YOu have my sincere best wishes as you work through this problem.

BTW, I don't wash my tools. Only thing I do is to quarantine new colonies from take outs or swarms until they show me their brood frames are normal appearing and smell the way they should. Our colonies are all vulnerable to foul brood, nobody is exempt.