Yesterday I pulled a colony of bees out of a water meter box. It was much larger than i expected. I wired up 4 large brood combs and even had to cut off each side a little even though my Top Bar hive is wider than most. The remaining small pieces were put between the wired combs under two top bars as I dumped about 2000+ bees in and closed it up. Today there were a few bees gathered outside, but no bearding. There was good activity in and out the front and side entrance. I did not see the queen, but most or the bees were with the comb when I closed the vented lid and took them five miles to the hive. I'm feeling good about this one because I was able to save almost all the brood.

Does anyone know how long I should wait or what to look for over the next few days. I have an endoscope I can use to peek inside, but I want to leave them alone and see if they pull through. Opinions PLEASE!