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    Default Help with queen bee cell ?

    I'm Somewhat new to bee keeping tried it a few times in the past.Not so much luck then,not looking so good now either lol
    I ordered 2 3lb packages of bees about 12 days installed bees into 2 hives.Been feeding syrup and pollen patties. Inspected hive 3 times since putting package in .First time to make sure queen was released and if foundation was being pulled. Checked on hive about 5 days ago signs of eggs being laid and pollen being stored along with syrup.Open up hive today pulled 2nd frame out signs of more drawed foundation pulled 3rd frame out looked like a queen cell (wax shaped peanut) capped off.Saw queen on bottom screen laying on her side picked her up she was almost dead.There was signs of very few larva in hive no eggs that I could see.
    What would be the best option?
    This is risky but do the bees have time to survive and hope one queen cell hatches?
    Order new queen for hive.
    Combine two hives last resort.
    any other options that I'm overlooking that might be helpful to a newbie beekeeper
    Thanks for your help
    From here in NC

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    Default Re: Help with queen bee cell ?

    I haven't been doing this terribly long myself, but I'd see what happens with the supersedure queen cell. Check out bushbeefarm site. I'd post a link, but I'm terrible at getting those things to work. Google will pop it up though. Check out the bee math section of that sight. If your queen cell is already capped then your 7 or more days into a 28 to 30 day wait for a laying queen. So long as your bee population in that hive is fairly strong right now you should have plenty of time for the queen to hatch, harden, mate, and start laying. If your other hive is doing ok you can even steal a frame of brood from them every week or so to boost the population of the queenless hive ( though that is probably not ideal with a first year hive starting from a package). I'd personally wait and see what happens. There's certainly a chance that the capped queen want make it, but I doubt the odds are much worse than the chance of an ordered queen working out for you. I also would try to limit how much you go into the hives. Like I said at the beginning I'm not that experienced myself, but I try to limit my inspections to once a week max. Every time we beekeepers manipulate or inspect the hive we run the risk of killing or injuring the queen.

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    Default Re: Help with queen bee cell ?

    I suggest calling your supplier and describe your situation. My first package about a decade ago came with a non-laying queen. Rossmans immediately sent a replacement. The new queen provided generations of colonies for me and my buddy's small scale operations ever since.

    On another note, hurricane Katrina took out suppliers that never came back. Because now we have fewer breeders, I fear the genetic pool is weakening to our detriment. One winter I was left with a single survivor from the above lineage and bought two packages to build up. Both purchases died. The survivor from the above lineage sourced two colonies from splits that year, two the next and a few lost swarms.

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    Default Re: Help with queen bee cell ?

    NUBE is correct. To wait 2 more weeks then see if you have an emerging queen bee. Don't
    go inside anymore so they have the time to develop this new queen cell. Looks good to me so far.

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    Default Re: Help with queen bee cell ?

    Your problems might be related to lid wear. Seems you are going in an out pretty fast. Every time you go in especially early on, you risk queen mortality or causing the bees to supercede her. It taint fair, but it happens. If you need a queen, get one, but make yourself a rule about only going in once a week at most. Just advice~! They are your bees and you can't learn unless you look. But consider what I caution.


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